The story began when our ancestors set foot in the women's underwear business and had been active in this business for 20 over years before the business gradually died down.

The family then decided to bring changes to the business in 1991 with the new philosophy to produce with a very small workforce of only a few dozens of workers quality trendy products at low price to serve only the local markets. 

From 50 sewing machines in 1991, the number increased to reach 100 in 1993 with 120 workers.

In 1995 when sales orders flooded the office, the company decided to move its production base to the rural area to solve the problem of limited space of its Bangkok plant. As the products were warmly received by the markets, the company took another step forward to provide production services to foreign business people in the women's underwear industry.

The company has expanded its plant to cover the wider area manned with 250 well-trained workers and equipped with state-of-the-art production technology including software for pattern marking and 200 sewing machines.

The company now has the circulating capital of USD 3,000,000 per year for the annual production of 2,500,000 pieces. With more than 10-year expertise in this business, we have complete confidence that our products meet the top quality standards of the world.